This is the worst spiritual website that you’re probably ever going to come across. All the advice contained here is completely practical and practicable. There are no instructions to higher realms or procedures designed to isolate one in happiness. This website will not take away your suffering and substitute hope or sugar. The only purpose of this website is enlightenment. As Trungpa Rinpoche says “the only person that can be said to be truly here is someone who is enlightned.” This is our genuine goal.    Accordingly the experience brings us here, even if it is fancy fluffy a little silly and completely redundant. We have to start somewhere.

There’s a good chance we’ve spent more effort discovering our pathways to happiness than we have discovering who we are

The starting point is ourselves. Who are we? What are our basic patterns, how do we tick and how do we avoid unpleasantness. Basically we have to admit our own suffering and familiarize ourselves with our obstacles. These are two different things, but it’s saying the same thing. First we admit we have neurosis, we have excess mind chatter, we ignore our problems, in some sort of way, whatever. Next we have what we are distracting ourselves from. Generally speaking what we are distracting ourselves from is what is causing us to be distracted. So we sort of stumble scientifically towards the root of this overcomplicated problem we’ve created. Interestingly enough, it’s ourselves we stumble towards as we make acquaintances with our obstacles.

  This website is that awful acquaintance and a chronicle of stumbles. Which is why it’s so bad. It’s good, our mistakes are real and we can’t escape them, and even better when we confront them, in the sense that it liberated the ‘mistake’ aspect is the obstacle. This process is known traditionally as the Practice Lineage, sometimes known as the Mishap Lineage. Knowing this, and living life in this way we become the living part of an human organism that is over 2500 years old. We can live our life in a way that our very own mistakes liberate themselves and us in the process.

But we shouldn’t get too big of a head about us, because the work of today is our responsibility.

Though the author is not a lineage holder, the stream passes close, which is why this is such a shite website. You’re questions will not be answered but multiplied, your doubts will be given to yourself to resolve, and if you learn anything at all, you will only do so because of your own intelligence, openness, humility and discipline. That enlightenment exists is not an intellectual statement. It is a reason for practice. This is only inspiration, and maybe accidentally confirmation.
    This website, it’s author and contributors will not help you at all.

This is Human Endeavors, were we are more concerned about the cleanliness of your sink than how spiritual you think. We create beliefs to lead us to a more fulfilling life. How will you contribute?