December 24, 2018 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

By cyclistmike On May 26, 2013

I have a new adventure starting today. I am confident, the best way to start an adventure is to have lots of plans but no objective. I have lots of tools but I am not attached to using any of them. I haven’t checked the weather.. But I am well prepared for rain. I am ready for adventure this fine morning, not the least of which includes a long drive. The most dangerous part. It is far more It is dangerous to be around inattentive texting drivers, lost in their minds thoughts and concerns, or people obsessing how to get to their next destination and driving like madmen! Much more dangerous there to be in the middle of nowhere with a calm mind. Either place really if your mind is relaxed you are likely safer!

So adventure begins with bad grammar and good intentions. I’m ready world, what ya got? I know it’s bound to be good,

but I certainly don’t pretend to know how it’s going to be. The Very Best Way to begin an Adventure.