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Secret matters

By cyclistmike On May 4, 2016 The little things we do, are what shapes the future. Often we think of the future as constructed by the achievement or failure to reach our goals. We think elections, with the right candidate are the solution to our problems. We neglect the most basic truth, that every such…

By Tenzin Gyatso December 23, 2018 0

Pathetic is our Strength

By cyclistmike On May 9, 2016 Today’s conventional attitude towards insecurity is one of disgust. Insecurity is a weakness, something that should be overcome, or at the least overlooked. We are not interested in those that have insecurities, at least those that remind us of ourselves. With this attitude towards insecurity we have a tendency…

By Tenzin Gyatso June 10, 2018 0

Brave where We Are

On May 9, 2016 By cyclistmike Our day and age is a desolate one. This is something we can easily fooled ourselves out of. If we look at technology, or modern convenience it appears we have solved life’s major problems. However the ability to microwave meals is not a solution to the worst of issues…

By Tenzin Gyatso June 7, 2018 0