Friday February 21st

Many traditions from many different faiths point towards the same thing. That thing has many definitions but the best way I feel to sum it up is greater wellness. The tenets of major and both minor religions and faiths all serve as a guide to help us be and become people of greater health – mentally and physically – and teach us how to share the wellness we have found with others who might not know that they too are intrinsically well beings.

This is the practice of wellness. It is a practice and non-religious, that is any one of any faith can attend and be respected for their beliefs. Wellness and compassion holds no distinction between traditions or religious. We should embrace our traditions and faiths we were raised with. We all have rich symbols given to us through our societies and cultures, and through working with what we know and relate to we can most effectively grow. We need neither focus on nor ignore our differences.  We are the same for being different people. When we really embrace ourselves we can share that.