Freedom to Ride

December 24, 2018 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

By cyclistmike On February 23, 2015

A few weeks ago I went on a last minute trip from RVA to Gainesville FL. The planning was rushed, I didn’t have quite enough time to get it perfect, or to feel like it was perfect. Leaving Richmond, I felt a little at a loss.
I decided to drive the 9 hours, but once I was on the road I immediately missed having an opportunity to sit down and write, write like this, catch up on my website, do a little reading, and all those little things that I seem to rush past…. I was behind a wheel of a car, driving solo. I could make it sound noble, but there’s only suffering when it comes to driving from Florida to Virginia in one day. Even if a fellow is on a motorcycle with wind blowing through his hair, that’s a long day.
I gave myself space to feel the loss, I was sad not to be on the train with “free time,” but I knew all along I would have my own time. So I sat and drove. That’s all I did for the first few hours, no music, just me and my mind, I got kinda sore at myself, it sucks not making perfect decisions. But after a few hours of that, I grew bored, worn out, and decided to make the best of what I had at hand. It’s disgusting that I would waste so much time thinking about the time I lost!
The trip far exceeded my initial expectations, the workshop continues to enlighten me, two weeks later. Gainesville has something special for me, beautiful friends and nice weather. Sad but sweet, I had a most perfect trip.