Golden Tree

February 2, 2020 0 By Tenzin Gyatso
There is a beautiful tree
In the center of a lake

It’s leaves are bright gold
As countless as the thoughts
that flicker in our mind

As many leaves as thoughts
That a lifetime would behold

Each leaf is a part of our mind
Whether we cling to
Or simply observe
The leaves that are grasped
Might just lose their form

With time all fades
Just as thoughts get stale

New leaves are always growing
small golden buds

Maybe seeming same
but a little different

Nonetheless each leaf is unique
Captivating beautiful

Don’t get lost

Absorbed in the beauty
What a sight to behold 

The dignity of one leaf
Never mind the whole tree
It is almost painful to see

The brilliance is blinding
Obscures all the branches
from which the leaves spring

But if there is a leaf,
There must be a tree
Hidden or obvious
A choice it may be

If we can pull our attention
From glorified distraction
The structure of the mind
Is underneath in a solid way

And such an exploration
Will lead us from beautiful 
Simple Leaves

To a dignified trunk
and whole tree
With a deep root
Touching the earth

where sustenance is gathered
From living earth
Without the illusion
Of flickering beauty

It is the home
And creation of the world
Our world that we see

As we journey back out the branches
And into the tree
where once we thought
Again we find dignity

And this time the brilliance
Is not a distraction
Nor so blinding
As that was our fear
Which was there all along

And kept us in branches
scared of the earth
Which for our discovery

Is the basis of the tree