Perfect form is tough

but working towards it is easy enough

Good form is underrated by many. Too often critical attention to detail is missed due to an erroneous perception “it’s too much work” or “that’s good enough.”  There are always exceptions to the rules, but when it comes to our bodies, there are no “easy” reset buttons. It is crucial to pay attention to maintaining proper posture, form, alignment and techniques in home life, the gym and all activities.

When it comes to form and posture, making it better and keeping it right is a valuable long-term investment. Similar to a vehicle with poor alignment, the body wears itself out faster when it’s not maintained, and who hasn’t hit a curb or two?

…good tools are priceless.

Tools for the trip

Tools for the trip

Fortunately our bodies aren’t dumb like cars. The human organism is a very dynamic organism that works (in ways beyond our comprehension) to find homeostasis. That is we have lots of self-correcting mechanisms that work to keep us healthy. Unfortunately we have begun to look for fast fixes. The way we live is not conducive to listening to our bodies (and hearts) and giving ourselves what we need for the repair and maintenance jobs that inevitably come up.

This happens everywhere there is a quick and easy way vying with a more meticulous and sometimes tedious option. It’s not difficult to notice others going the easy way, it’s much harder catching ourselves in the middle of a quick fix.  When this happens we must remember that holding good form is good in itself, and has a much greater return. This holds true for lifting, jogging, cooking (stop eating crap food and drink more water) and driving. It is important to educate people before they get behind the wheel of a car and it is important to educate ourselves how to handle our own bodies, which we can’t replace so easy when they get worn out!

The goal of the Human Endeavors is one of education and investment. We specialize in using massage, movement & exercise and meditation as tools to realign our bodies and bring peace to the mind. 

 A meditation that’s not quite meditation.


Throw that monkey off your back

Exercise & Movement

Movement and exercise programs are an important part of staying healthy. The body needs movement and through movement and exercise the body is trained how to handle more of the same. Applied appropriately, movement can even banish old aches and pains.


Massage & Bodywork

Massage is a healing modality. It's most direct application is the removal of stress. Massage covers many modalities and can heal on many levels. It is an important piece and can even train us to be more relaxed and at ease in our every-day lives.



Seated meditation is an important time because it creates space without expectation. This is important in the day to day world because we hold so many expectations for ourselves, to be this and do that. With a little time to sit and breathe we can literally tune ourselves into a greater sense of being.