Hiawassee Ga

Hiawassee Ga

December 24, 2018 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

By cyclistmike On June 5, 2013

The beginning of my trip on the Appalachain Trail has been interesting. First I didn’t expect to be here then I met “Three Wolves Howling.” It would be pointless for me to describe meeting this dude, but I will start by saying he is a 49 year old hippy and spent the last 9 months camping out by the river in his hometown. In his words “I am hiking the Trail until I am spiritually suited to serve.” He became the catalyst for me to be where I am, to start hiking.

I am in Haiwassa Ga mile 69.6, the rains have past and the sun is shining. The past few days I have shared the trail with a few friends,  ol’ Three Howling Wolves having snuck off behind.

“Old Style” a 65 year old retired bad ass also left my company, he went into Helen Georgia for a few days rest–bad knees, he complained on the descents. I tipped him about his quadriceps but he was set on rest for two days, so I doubt I will see him again. The hiking companions I am with now are “Brother Grahm” and and Wesley.  Brother Grahm is 22 and from Wisconsin and Wesley (38) is from Athens Georgia. Brother Grahm and I are pushing each other, he’s fairly in shape and is enjoying the trail he and are are battling ego’s -we both like putting on big miles, not to be outdone. He’s heading all the way up to Virginia too, it is nice to have someone nearby heading the same direction.

Tomorrow I will start my journey anew. Now leaving here I go to buy 6 days provisions, enough to get to Natanhala Outdoor Center, which will be our next ‘civilized’ stop before the Smokies. I am debating waiting for a day or two to say goodbye to the few friends behind but sometimes I know goodbye happens before we are ready. Three Howling Wolves is tough and he will get by, but I would still like to share another cider with him before putting on the ‘heat’ and opening these legs up to see what I got.

A few more things today, I hitch hiked my first ride. I was picked up by a preacher rushing on his way to the hospital to see his daughter who had fallen and hurt herself at summer camp. We talked as he flew down the country roads. “Let me know if I’m going to fast he asked.” Ha I laughed at that, although in hindsight that was the most danger I have been in since starting the trail nevermind all the traces and indicators and warnings that bears are about… I have less experience dealing with bears than people but would rather deal with a bear than a crazy preacher. Almost… back…. to the woods…

I’ll be back ‘online’ in about 5-6 days. Happy trails until then.

  • I like the simplicity best
  • Eat hike eat sleep
  • I am only my responsibility
  • Thud of footsteps
  • Crunch of rocks