Homage to Wisdom

Homage to Wisdom

December 23, 2018 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

By cyclistmike On January 4, 2015

Friends, over the past few years I have been studying Buddhism. I think it is a fascinating religion. It contrasts somewhat with the way’s I was raised, but in many ways it compliments the depths of Christianity.

However Buddhism for me has been a much more personal experience than the Christianity of my youth. These days I practice both. I meditate and I go to church. I also study Buddhism and Christianity.

One thing I have found particularly helpful in my personal experience of Buddhism is how it is made fresh by the teachers of today. The wisdom that the religion is founded upon is constantly changing. Many religious could take note! I myself have. I am more familiar with the symbolism and Christianity’s rituals speak deeply to my heart, alas, when I participate in them fully I feel like one of the few doing so. Sometime’s we all need reminders, what they symbols are for.

The following poem is follows the traditional Eastern form of appealing to the teacher’s for guidance. Please note that ‘guru’ means teacher, and the root guru, as a person is only a symbol for the guidance that lies deep within us, the root guru, is actually the Kingdom of God, that is within us all.

Homage to Wisdom

Kind root guru think of me 

Beautiful eternal teacher think of me

Allow every one of my cells to hear your call
Mother of my life, the one who suffered
joyfully first for me, look upon me kindly with compassion.
Envelope me in pure love.
Father of my life, the first to teach me 
the importance of discipline, look upon me kindly with compassion
Share with me your presence.
Sister of my life, my first lesson in compassion,
look upon me kindly with compassion
share with me the lessons of the heart.
Brother of my life, the first display of sportsmanship and honor,
look upon me kindly with compassion
Challenge me to strive yet not to win.
Teacher of my life, the first who looked upon me as a friend,
please see me kindly with compassion
Guide me to release the finite mind.
The wisdom of the world, the mirror and the echo,
come so that I may see you.
Come quickly so I may see you clearly with compassion.
Lord of the world, you who stand behind all things
please see me kindly with compassion
Stand within me as my deepest guide.
Look upon me with compassion so I may touch 
Holy Spirit in this human life.
Look upon me as fumble in the darkness.
See me kindly with compassion
Look upon me as I identify with the deceiver.
See me kindly with compassion
Lord of the three worlds
Look upon me quickly with compassion
Launch me ever more fully into the present moment
bless me so I may achieve Buddahood in this lifetime.