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Embracing Relaxation and Change

Massage is a coordinated effort directed to improve quality of the recipient’s life. There are many different types of massage, several modalities broadly defined are relaxation massage, sports massage, medical message, hydrotherapy and polarity therapies. A well-trained massage therapist may use all, several or one modality in a single session. Sometimes these are considered separate schools of thought but ultimately all strive for the same goals of greater wellness.We individuals have great variation and respond to similar stimuli in different ways. Each modality has it’s own unique benefits and potentials.

It is the massage therapists job and responsibility to use knowledge and experience to relate to the client in the most beneficial way. Massage is a professional expression of a healthy relationship, which has a goal of securing greater wellbeing for the client. The  combination of experience and mindfulness directly effect a therapist’s ability to respond to clients needs. I believe this is quite important as the therapist is generally more educated in palpation and has a responsibility to meet and educate clients for mutual benefit. Proper communication relieves tension.

I feel verbal communication is important to establish, particularly when working with chronic and acute injuries, and coordinating work with other medical professionals, as the client-therapist relationship grows so increases the ability to understand non-verbal cues.  I enjoy and specialize at working with injuries, both chronic and acute, as an athlete I am uniquely equipped to deal with such aches and pains. I specialize in combining sports and medical massage modalities with relaxation therapies to reduce aches and acute pains while addressing and diminishing stress.