Exercise should be both fun and challenging. Training is a game we are playing with ourselves – to get better.

The best games we play are more than just passing fun. The very best games we play make the whole of our life better. Now that’s an effective game! All good coaches worth their mettle like effective and efficient. Training the right way has the potential to improve our very quality of life.

Habitual patterns, habits for short, are the only thing preventing any of us from doing so. The food we eat, way we move even how we think, are generally habits until something comes along and disrupts our pattern– makes us think out of the box.

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A way to enjoy a day

What better way to stimulate new ways of thought, moving, and breathing than a game? These are all neurological patterns that can be changed, exercised and improved upon. Remember potential, of which an Olympic or Professional athlete has less, to improve upon in these areas. We are blessed with the ability to improve through challenge.

These habits are exercised in all normal training routines. The challenge is to exercise them the right way, to build positive life affirming habits, movement patterns and thought patterns.  A good training session encourages the client in the right direction in all three of these major paradigms. A good training session is fun and through that fun, that game, we can have a better life.

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