Pray for him Pray for us

April 8, 2020 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

If we are unable to respect who we are and what we are doing we will inevitably demand what we cannot understand. IF we cannot be respectful of kindness, we will demand it from others. We all have our demands, but some are greater than others. A prime example is Donald Trump. He obviously has an acute sense of what is good, but for some reason seems unable to relate to vulnerability. So he demands loyalty.

This makes it easy to hate the 45th President of the United States. With his blunders and lack of accountability he gives us plenty of opportunity and an easy target. We want people to learn and grow. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be inclined to do so. And this infuriates us, because we would rather our president take initiative and serve as an example than do the hard work alone by ourselves. We hate that we have to struggle, while he appears insulated.

Not only that, but he takes our hate and turns himself into a victim. When we attack Donald Trump, the reality show host and President of the United States we are attacking our projection. This is our problem. 

The image of Donald J. Trump is a grand one for many. Though we don’t like it when it’s not on our side, most people aspire to isolation from accountability and unlimited power. Luckily for us we don’t have it! No one does. Yet we fool ourselves, by believing the projection is permanent. The trick is it’s not. But as far as we’re concerned, as a group and individuals when we cast the energy of our anger outwards it ounces back upon us. And this cycle keeps repeating. For some reason we say the words but keep forgetting, hate and anger will never win. 

The thing is, we are conditioned to want to win. We are more willing to let others lose than to ourselves. Losing though is powerful. Humility is powerful and it happens if we lose gracefully. As it is, the lessons of losing are more powerful than winning. But we are afraid to be the vulnerabl. We don’t want to be open, so we feint humility(and foster resentment) when we lose and aggrandize winning (gloat). 

This leads us to the same old situation dominated by poisonous emotions and egomania. It’s a cycle many are unable to witness. We don’t see it because we are too busy. We are too busy being entertained, television, sex, self doubt, movies, hobbies and so on. We don’t see our own failures, so we instead project outwards and hate the easiest thing to see. Our logic is, if the world was better, our problems would be smaller! 

Speaking of arrogance President Trump right now is a sore thumb, his lack of foresight, inability to take responsibility, pandering and posturing make him easy to hate. However; if we do this we sink into the same cycle. Such hate is a cancerous poison, and rarely dangerous to the outside. Where we hate is precisely what we must love.

Just as we are unwilling to love the nastier aspect of ourselves. Loving our enemy is something we just don’t want to do. Such hate though, that being a ‘free’ American grants us the right to be, is more attractive. We don’t have to empathize with Donald Trump’s responsibility, or feel like he is carrying a burden that he’s never been able to put down his whole life. We don’t have to think that his actions are caused by terrible internal pain. We could merely be against him and find other people that support us. It’s far easier than the alternative. Bravery though would muster the energy to pray for him regardless, and might discover a miracle. 

President Donald J Trump is our servant. This doesn’t mean he is below us, nor is he above us. #prayforhim #prayforus