Reality of Magic

Reality of Magic

December 24, 2018 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

By cyclistmike On June 23, 2013

I took a break four weeks ago and ventured into the mountains of North Georgia with an expectation of unwinding, relaxation and renewal. I did not however expect a life changing adventure, but I was open to it.  As luck has it I got relaxation, unwinding and renewal too, after I stopped looking for them and started to enjoy the adventure. A great side benefit. Feels like real growth to me.

After a few quasi-alone days I met a feller at Horse Gap. He was hiking the AT and by magic I picked a spot to stop my car and look for a mountain bike trail. I never looked for the trail. I smoked a cigarette, and we started talking. The conversation quickly grew intense, profound and deep. His name was Glen and he had taken the trail name (as it is tradition on the AT) Three Wolves Howling. His picture is below. Three Wolves Howling was hiking the trail so that he would be more spiritually suited to serve. The next day I joined Three Wolves Howling on the Appalachian Trail.

Naturally the story doesn’t stop there. After a week on the trail my leg started hurting and I was not wise enough at the time to give it proper rest. I pushed for two days hoping it would go away while continuing to hike. No such luck. I ended up in Franklin where again life happened, I threw all my metaphorical cards up in the air and they landed beautifully. I spent a week learning about advanced meditation techniques, biofeedback and Pranayamas.

I call my journey a spiritual one because the above examples only a small example of the gifts I have been given by grace. I have been blessed continually. True magic is the serendipity of well timed coincidence; grace.  Real magic is the ability to witness such things, letting go without grasping.

I call my journey spiritual because now I am a better witness to magic. I am more present, more appreciative of the beautiful series of events that have unfolded, not unlike a flower, into my life.

This brings me into magic, where I sit today with a hangover writing this. My ability to be optimistic with a hangover from last night and the rest of life and “always look on the bright side of death” (–Monty Python anyone?) is magic in itself if not miraculous. It’s real life, it’s also a choice.