Secret matters

Secret matters

December 23, 2018 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

By cyclistmike On May 4, 2016

The little things we do, are what shapes the future. Often we think of the future as constructed by the achievement or failure to reach our goals. We think elections, with the right candidate are the solution to our problems. We neglect the most basic truth, that every such goal is achieved through an application of a lot of work. This work, the foundation of any goal is the truth. It’s the secret of life.

Within our own lives we all have these little secrets, we have spare time and within it we do what we want. This secret want, that we’re entitled to because of having ‘earned’ the time, is a large piece in how our participation shapes the world. Essentially our behavior towards all of the things we feel earned, all the secrets that we feel entitled to keep, are the essential things that will shape our world.

Perhaps it’s just masturbation and video games, these harmless little activities seem to the first person observe to be plainly harmless. At least when it comes to the literal aspect of these activities, no one is harmed. However like any activity, there is a psychological imprint cast upon participation. There is a neuronal network built to accommodate the activity. Obviously such activities as masturbation and video games, there’s no mutual benefit, only one person is finding joy in these when they are held privately, of course playing video games with friends is a different story. When there is no mutual benefit, the neuronal network that is built to support such activity, is not built in a manner that benefits anyone but the n+1.

This makes it ultimately a selfish endeavor. Additionally if we continue down this road, we see that the harmless selfishness is contagious. Remember that all our activities build the future, with most regard to our secret activities. These secret activities have the most sway.

The reason the activities we keep secret have the most control of the future is simple, spoken from a neurological viewpoint.
First we build a neural connection, this could be from winning a video game, orgasming, smoking a cigarette. Plain and simple, however say we feel that the activity is not socially acceptable, then based on feedback from the world, we isolate the first neural connection from the negative feedback. This is the establishment of at least one other neural network. So now we have networks established to dissipate and conceal the energy of the secret. Lastly we also have to conceal our tracks, we don’t want people to know that we’re keeping secrets, so we establish another layer, to track and hide the fact that we’re keeping secrets, irregardless of what the secret is at this point.

This whole conglomeration takes a fair amount of brain power, a complete totally unnecessary amount. Not only is it unnecessary, but the neural networks in the brain also become defensive of their own existence. I reckon everyone reading this has had suspicions of close friends, critical judgement might be a better term. This is something that sets off our neural detection system, it triggers the defensive mode, and alerts a wave of defense. Now this defense is intended just to protect the secret, not to hurt anyone, but the intention of preservation overrides kindness. Therefore we should not deny that our private secrets hurt others.