We of Human Endeavors firmly believe that we can uncover enlightenment as we discover spaciousness.

The purpose of human endeavors is the pursuit of enlightenment. This is the statement that enlightenment exists, and we can achieve this more intelligent state through all or any of our actions. Specifically, we can put on the attitude that every situation is workable. To specify here, we are not adding a foreign thing to our system, we are merely waking up our internal compass, and tuning our engine.
We, like all human beings possess the ability and seed of wakefulness. ¬†We could catch glimpses of this in many venue’s, and somehow, for some reason, it seems we have to prove to ourselves that this inherent wakefulness exists before we can really unconditionally trust ourselves. This is our participation in the world, and why Human Endeavors’ scope and ability to work with others is limitless. There are no rules to enlightenment.
Human Endeavors allies itself with similar businesses and involves itself in the community. This companionship is essential for the selling point, it is necessary to have situations for the ultimate “can do” attitude to be expressed. Human Endeavors is pleased to offer and share in the services of yoga, exercise training, massage therapy and meditation. Each of the aforementioned modalities create situations for us to observe the best we have, and to aspire to bring more into the world. We are here for compassionate means, and prepared to defend true compassion from those that would create a more monotone world.