What is tea

January 13, 2019 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

Drinking tea

    Before we can drink the tea someone else makes with the level of appreciation that it takes to enjoy it thouroughly we have to learn how to drink and enjoy our own tea, or coffee for that matter. With this example of drinking someone else’s neurosis in, we first have to appreciate our own. I think we can state it that explicitly.   

Because it’s really difficult to really appreciate our own blend of tea. Honestly it’s like an accidentally tea, made over the period of millions of lifetimes, we’ve been taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that, now we have a kettle of hot water and it’s boiling with all of our little bits inside.   

The taste honestly is a bit bizarre. Just like us. And we can’t keep putting sugar into it to cloud the taste, but we do, oh we do. Then all of a sudden we start thinking everyone else’s flavor should be the same! The point is we have to slow down enough to become accustomed to our own nutty, bark like arrogant flavor. Then someone else’s anger doesn’t have anything to boil.   

It’s already been steeped! Now the truth of the matter is different teas have different lengths of time they take to seep completely and some need to be boiled multiple times for their best flavor. We’re all different temperaments. Some are natural born tea masters – just lacking training, others are rocks boiling. And with rocks, we have the perfect chance to practice drinking coffee, extra frothy. There’s no sense in getting angry at a rock! And there’s no sense in getting angry because a rock is boiling. It’s just a rock.