Whet the appetite

January 13, 2019 0 By Tenzin Gyatso

Now that we’ve spoken a little bit about how special we can become and flavorful we might be. We can get back to the chaos of the whole thing. You see we definitely aren’t enlightened, but even that isn’t such a certain thing. We are enlightened too, as we’ve just discussed, we are that but we have a dramatic overlay of events that cloud the whole experience of life.   

The big issue is what we tell ourselves what we are, and for that matter what other people are too. We have stories. Hundred and hundreds of them, every little thing that happens we have a story for, we have an explanation, justification or conclusion. Our brains travel a million miles a minute.      

We tell ourselves so much garbage, then we cling to the manure, like its something special. We treat the manure and neurosis of our minds like it’s something so completely precious. And it is. Our minds are utterly precious, even the manure. However the manure must be seen to be manure for it to work for us. If we were to hypothetically cling to manure, and put it in the hypothetical crib, or the family’s safe box, the whole house is going to stink. What we have to do with manure is put it outside. We leave it right where it is. This is the work of it. We have to see it as it is. This is the same thing as recognizing our mistakes, or as we’ve also said earlier it’s the same as using our mistakes as stepping stones. We have to find our stories and liberate them into the fields of self honest liberation. They might be right, they might be wrong. Either way. Fertilizer.