Simple is best. Advanced techniques begin as very simple practices. Simple is at the heart of all true yoga practices. Basically, the focus of these yoga classes is relearning the body, training the movement patterns and combining healthy, optimum movement with optimal relaxed breaths.  Optimum is the key word here, and I suppose it’s also an implied quest or path. So the practice we have is one of self optimization.

“You’re perfect just as you are … and you could use a little improvement.”

— Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

Dharma_Wheel.svg     Basic yoga is good for every age. We start where we are, we visit our posture, observe how we move, and observe how we can’t move, we observe without judgement! We observe our breath, body and mind. This is very important, and allows a very simple learning process. We begin to understand where we are, then we can apply a few techniques for improvement.

First, we must understand where we are. 

Within this world we can develop an understanding of ourselves, of the ground, and the body standing on it. To enhance this simple thing, we will practice basic yoga, relaxed breathing and simple postures. It’s beautiful! Everyone can experience profound benefits. Come join us in posture, in breath and experience yourself.

Always changing

Yoga of life